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COLORSMASH Color Kissed Hairspray is a temporary spray-on hair color providing a translucent, vibrant touch of color that stays on the hair throughout the day, yet washes out easily with shampoo. After use, the hair remains healthy, nourished and lustrous. COLORSMASH Color Kissed Hairspray delivers color uniformly in a nutrient-rich dye that adds color and gloss with zero damage. Color envelops the hair evenly but does not penetrate the cuticle. Aloe Vera plus extracts of grape seed, avocado, quinoa, pot marigold and sunflower seed leave the hair luminous, touchable and soft with a light hold.

The formula is paraben- and gluten-free. COLORSMASH is free of iron oxides—a staple in most temporary hair color sprays. Iron oxides dry out the hair, leaving it feeling heavy, rough, weighed down and hard to brush and style. Iron-oxide based colors will transfer easily to hands and clothing, so they’re gone by the end of the day. Thanks to our innovative iron oxide-free formula, COLORSMASH will not transfer on hands, clothes, or pillows. The color will rinse out in multiple shampoos depending on the porosity of your hair and can be removed from hands with soap and water.

Color Kissed Formula

 Nutrient Enriched.
Protects against UV Damage.
Leaves hair healthy, shiny and hydrated.
Color Kissed Formula is soft, touchable, and easy to style.

Translucent, bright color goes on smooth while coating the hair evenly. Hair feels touchable and soft with a light hold.

Other Brands

Iron Oxides dry out hair.
Color transfers easily and doesn't last all day.
Hair is heavy, weighed down and rough.
Chalks leave hair hard and unmanageable. Coats hair with rough iron oxides, leaving a matte, dry appearance and a heavy feel to the hair.