About | Colorsmash

COLORSMASH was developed by Condition Culture in 2011 when a trend in Hollywood using ombré color in young celebrity hairstyles started. The team wanted to make color accessible for anyone and started the development of a temporary color product. After months of trial and research the team realized the difficulty in developing an aerosol and went back to the drawing board on how to apply color easily. They started using loose powder pigments to temporarily color the hair, and decided to press it into a flat form to reduce mess. Thus, COLORSMASH Hair Shadow was born. The hair-chalking trend took the world by storm as the product was mimicked by every other major hair products brand.
Condition Culture continued the development of the original idea of creating an innovative color spray. They partnered with the experts at KIK Custom Products to further pioneer the possibilities with color innovation in aerosols. After two years of development, the companies were confident COLORSMASH Color Kissed Hairspray was unique. This strategic partnership brings manufacturing expertise and scale in wet products and aerosols for the further development of more innovative products that will rock the hair industry.


Fresh and floral, COLORSMASH’s signature scent, Pantere Seksi, is a modern cocktail for the senses; it opens with a bright citrus top note of Sicilian Bergamot, smashed with confident floral notes of Peonies and Orchids, and finishes with distinctive delicate notes of Sandalwood and Musk. This will be dependent on hair length and intensity desired. We suggest one can for an all over color on long hair.


Established in 2010 by twin sisters, Condition Culture inspires people globally by innovating and developing the highest quality products that enhance confidence and freedom of expression. The creators of the global phenomenon Featherlocks, Condition Culture has developed a family of five brands that continue to inspire and create avenues for self-expression.